Sustainability: Marketing

The ability to produce product is of no use if marketability of product is not addressed. Deluxe Rich is proud to have a very strong marketing department. We have seen growth on a year to year basis due to effective and aggressive marketing strategy. One of the basic reasons for such growth can be trace to our ability to; Meets our customer requirement and expectation, roll out of improved and new products through extensive research and development. Meeting legislative requirements and standard.


Another key to success is branding and brand management. Deluxe Rich is the proprietary owner of numerous successful brands. Through its well planed and categorization of product against brand, an identity and market recognition is well established, thus making product promotion and education easy.


In order to introduce ourselves and products to the market, Deluxe Rich have participated in many exhibitions and international trade shows all over the world, annually. We strongly believe such events will provide a very important platform to launch new product and to showcase our company.


Utilization of electronic media: Deluxe Rich recognized the power of electronic media especially website and social media. With the advent of the internet, doing business take on a whole new dimension. Communication and information is conveyed at lightning speed and also at a wider scale. Our company website is design as a platform for potential customer to get to know us and also as a front line medium to make enquiries. Utilization of social media such as Facebook, twitter and instagram as a promotional platform is also very effective. Through social media we have been able to introduce and educate consumer in regards to our products and keeping them informed on the latest development. It is also recognized as a powerful tool to gauge consumer respond in our product thus providing vital feedback.