Sustainability: Research And Development

Deluxe Rich has established a very strong research and development department. It recognized the need to have a research and development programme in order to keep improving and developing new products to stay relevant in the ever competitive market. As mentioned previously, our aim is to develop unique and novel products from sources that are endemic in these regions. Most agricultural produce especially fruits from this region were not extensively explored or utilized for commercialization. We know that these produce could provide huge marketing potential.  One of the key reasons for the lack of interest for these produce is its nature, which can be quite difficult to handle and process thus making it commercially not viable. With research and development, we have been able to address some of the problems traditionally encountered.


Deluxe Rich while developing new beverages, has not abandon beverages that are considered ‘traditional’ for these products are entrenched deeply in culture and market. Market research and survey also noted that such traditional beverages like tea and coffee are in fact growing in demand. Research has shown that traditional non-carbonated beverages are growing in sales as compared to traditional carbonated beverages due to health concern. Coffee and tea are considered regional produce, but the milk that is used to produce ready-to-drink coffee and tea, is not. We are in a region where diary industry is small and insignificant thus making supply an issue. Reliance on import will increases cost. Moreover dairy-based products are a known allergen, making people with lactose intolerant unable to consume such products. To overcome these, we at Deluxe Rich has developed non-dairy ready-to-drink traditional coffee and tea, which is a first in the market according to survey. Other traditional dairy products like yogurt and lassi are also being produced using non-dairy material, again another mile stone for our R&D team.