Sustainability: Material Resources

For any company to survive in a competitive market environment, and remain significant, sustainability is a major factor. The key to sustainability is innovation and adaptability. That includes the ability to tap and utilize resources that is available through innovation. Deluxe Rich recognized this and has outlined a series of programs to meet this challenge.


Raw material resources are a vital key in all food production. The availability and consistency of quality raw material for production is a challenge face by most food producer. Inconsistency leads to quality and safety issues as well as pricing which inevitably convert to cost. Deluxe rich recognized the fact that reliance on imported raw material is a prime factor in cost and consistency. To address this issue Deluxe Rich has in place a programme to source for material locally. By working and partnering with local producer we hope to have in place a consistent supply chain to support our production needs. By doing so we are also contributing in developing and growth of upstream industry.


Part of our objective is to utilize endemic, or material that is found in abundance in this region. Located in the tropics and blessed with many exotic fruits and produce, we are in the view that these produce hold great potential as ready to drink beverages against traditional choices that are normally found in the market. Such example; like durian, jack fruits, coconut base drink, Kalamansi, Low land Markisa and many others. There are also many local traditional beverages that are not exploited as ready to drink beverage due to short comings in process technology. This is where our strong R&D team plays a key role. Such products have a novelty appeal that hold potential international marketability. We also believed that such an endeavor will have a spillover effect by driving upstream industry like, produce growers and intermediate processers.