Sustainability: Manufacturing Facilities

Deluxe Rich has come a long way in terms of manufacturing facility. From the early founding years,     where everything is done manually, to current automated system.  Our new facility went through a major upgrading in 2004, from a semi automatic low capacity system to a fully automated system specifically designed for its product type and packaging format. Though the floor space remains the same, the process equipment sees a total change over. The process system is designed in such a way that it can cope with multiple packaging format and process types. The process types currently employed are hot-fill system and sterilization with retort system. Packaging formats of two piece steel can, aluminium can and glass bottle are being catered for. These designs as mentioned are unique and specifically designed for the types of products developed by the R&D team and is being served as a test bed for future development.


After seeing success, the plan in place is for a bigger facility and a floor space that is almost seven times bigger than the current we have. The new planned facility will be designed and built from data and experience gained from current facility. The facility is designed using the modular concept whereby processes are segmented and then integrated when required into different ‘process chain’. Against traditional dedicated linear method of processing line, such concept will enable upgrading and up scaling be implemented with ease. It will also enable flexibility and most important of all, cost reduction in terms equipment investment and efficiency.


As with the process methods employed, the new complex will see common and centralized facilities. Production areas will be built on a block to block basis while common amenities like steam, potable water treatment, steam, power and waste treatment will be centralized to improve efficiency and ease of maintenance. Such methodology allows expansion, when required, be implemented with ease and speed. Warehousing for both raw material and finished products will also be centralized and managed using separate but integrated into the overall system. By utilizing such system, traceability and logistic are vastly improved.