Sustainability: Management System And Certification

To be a global player in the food industry, compliancy and the ability of the establishment to meet customer and legislative requirements are a must. In view of this, Deluxe Rich had been since 2006 certified with Codex HACCP. In order to upgrade and to further fulfill requirement, it made a transition from Codex HACCP to ISO 22000:2005 in 2013. In order to fulfill local authorities’ requirement, Deluxe Rich was recertified with Malaysia Health Ministry HACCP- MS ISO 15000 in 2011. Over the years Deluxe Rich has work very hard to fulfill its obligation and responsibility to the general consumer by ensuring that safe food is produced.


In order to tap in to the ever growing HALAL market, Deluxe Rich is also certified HALAL by the local religious body. There are also plans to be certified for Kosher if the needs does arises.


With the advent of globalization, food products are being moved around the world. With that comes the challenge of meeting legislative and standards of different countries. Deluxe Rich pride itself of having in place a management system that emphasizes in compliancy and food safety and with that, has the ability to meet the challenges of compliancy of various countries. With current world wide scare and issues of non-compliant food material usage, consumer’s confidence is very important, and we believe by having in place certified management system will instill consumer confidence.